TpT Store!

Guess what! I decided to make a store on Teachers pay Teachers. 

Of course I still need to fill out my profile and make the storefront look more interesting but I already translated and uploaded one of the resources I’ve made to use with my students for creative writing.

There are 20 prompts for creative writing each starting with “If I were….”. I’ve found them to be great for writing practice and imagination development 🙂

Included are:
1) Slides with the prompts so that you can show them on the screen and students write a paragraph (or more if you want to extend the task) in their notebooks.

2) Worksheets that each have one writing prompt, dotted lines for writing and some space to draw a picture relevant to the topic.

I usually use the slides for older students and worksheets for younger ones, they really do enjoy the drawing part! Also that saves me from the “I’m done writing, what now?” because when they’re done writing, they already know to start drawing on the same worksheet.

I have also used them with my SEN students who can’t write. In that case they draw and tell me what they drew and I write it down. Each student has a binder with all their creative writing (or in that case drawing and telling) worksheets in it and they love showing it off to their parents! They’ve come up with some marvellous short stories 🙂

The prompts could be used for homework, as warmup or as an activity for early arrivers or finishers or even for group discussions (if you only use slides and students don’t have to write).

You can get it for 1.50 here.

I’m currently translating a bigger bundle of more personal writing prompts I’ve used for working with understanding and explaining emotions (with prompts like “My biggest fear…” and “I feel shy, when…”) and I’ll let you know when it becomes available in my store 🙂

Have you used writing prompts with your students? How do you usually use them? Do your students have notebooks or do you prefer worksheets?